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Get active and support your community through local action! Raise Up NH is nothing without the communities that come together to support each other. Follow the links below to get involved:

Fight for 15!

Join us: Thursday, April 13th from 12-1 pm at City Hall in Nashua and Wendy’s (Loudon Rd in Concord and S. Willow in Manchester).

On April 13th, members of three New Hampshire towns will be taking to the sidewalks in support of better conditions and a living wage. The communities of Manchester, Nashua and the state capitol Concord will see actions planned on the 13th to symbolize the need for a higher Minimum Wage for New Hampshire workers.

53% of workers making less than $12/hour are on some form of means-tested government assistance. Raising the state’s minimum wage would greatly help New Hampshire working families in achieving independence. We’re here to stand up with our neighbors for a fighting chance.

The community members will be rallying at Nashua City Hall at 12:00PM. Wendy’s locations have been the chosen sites of many other demonstrations due to the chain’s issues with fair agricultural labor practices. The chain has been one of the few fast food chains to resist joining Florida’s Fair Food Program and instead has shifted it’s tomato sourcing to Mexico.

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